Cindy Sutch Whitelaw has provided Advanced Border Notifications to thousands of tours entering Canada to perform at Casinos, Festivals and Private Gala events.

Many of the clients are some of the largest Artist management companies in the United States who contact us directly when they are planning their tours. With the ever changing Covid-19 Canadian border crossing regulations regarding vaccination requirements, uploading of the Arrivecan App and Quarantine requirements our experience and knowledge provides a sense of comfort during the booking process. Providing this information ahead of time helps tours save time and money.

Individuals will contact us to ask if they are permitted to enter Canada with a DUI on their record. The answer is not a simple yes or no. If an individual has been arrested or convicted, they may be considered criminally inadmissible into Canada and potentially denied entry at the border crossing. We assist individuals with applying to receive permission ahead of time from the Canadian authorities. We assist you every step of the way!

Available 24×7, Cindy and her team are here to assist you with your entry into Canada. Visit for further information.

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Live Entertainment Border Crossing into Canada